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north balywn dry clean
Tailoring and alteration

- Garment shortening and lengthening
-Take in and let out - Zip replacement
- Pocket replacement
- Buttons replacement
- Seam repairs

Super Dry Clean Service

Quality chemicals used, high-tech dry cleaning and steam pressing for unparalleled laundry​​.

Leather, suede and fur cleaning

Apparel made of suede fabric may be laundered or dry cleaned.

wedding gown dry clean
Wedding gown cleaning and preservation

Apparel made of suede fabric may be laundered or dry cleaned.

Shirt laundry and ironing

Laundering (washing) the shirt can clean up tirt accumulates, around the collar especially. You need an absolutely crisp shirt with no wrinkles. It works with your lifestyle - i.e., your commute to work, your errand cycles, etc.
Doona and blanket

Drying a doona can be tricky, it can take up to a week to dry up. Consider dry cleaning!

Serving In The Industry For Past 15 years!


Dry cleaning is any cleaning process for clothing and textiles using a chemical solvent other than water. The reason that some items must be dry cleaned is because some fabrics will absorb water and destroy the fibers where as the cleaning solvent does not.

Today’s dry cleaning innovations use greener products and are less abrasive on your clothing than traditional at-home washing and drying. Professional dry cleaners only use water when during a wet cleaning process, and not all clothing is a good candidate. Your delicate items that need special care are always dealt with according to dry cleaning best practices. Couple that with our many, many years of experience cleaning clothing for The Butler’s finest, and you know your clothing is in good hands.

Sometimes home remedies can remove stains, but they may do so at the cost of damaging garments. It’s a better idea to trust your items to a professional dry cleaner who can expertly remove tough stains and clinging odors. If you’re considering throwing away certain items because you can’t remove stains and odors, try taking them to a dry cleaner instead to see if they’re salvageable.

It is a difficult question. Why not let Butler Dry Cleaners clean larger items than clothing including drapes, area rugs, slipcovers, and over sized comforters that can be an impossible chore for you to handle at home.

Utilizing dry cleaning services for your clothing saves you time and work and is one less thing to worry about in your busy schedule.